About IEEE Reach Pilot Programs

IEEE REACH is a product of a combined effort between IEEE Historians and secondary educators; it’s been developed by teachers for teachers with student learning as the goal. As an innovative resource program, new inquiry units are continually being developed. We invite teachers to participate in the process. There are two ways to do so:

First, we would love to hear from you when you pilot one of the existing inquiry units in your classroom. Please fill out the form and let us know your intentions to pilot an inquiry unit by checking the box, “I intend to pilot REACH in the classroom.” We will then reach out to you for insight on how the program worked in your classroom and with your students. Our goal is to gain feedback from teachers so we may ensure that every inquiry unit and every resource is the best it can be for both teachers and students.

The other option is to partner with us directly to create new inquiry units. This would entail working directly with an IEEE historian on a specific topic. The historian would provide historical details and knowledge on an agreed upon technology and topic, and your role would be to take what they’ve shared and create the curriculum for an inquiry unit. It would be a team effort with you, an IEEE historian, the IEEE REACH Program Manager, and others as appropriate. While it requires a significant time commitment, it also provides an opportunity to be a part of a new, student focused, innovative program that is interdisciplinary in nature. If interested, please fill out the form and check the box, “I’m Interested in working with an IEEE Historian on a new inquiry unit.” Please note, a number of factors will go into prioritizing the order in which we develop inquiry units, so we cannot guarantee that your preference will be worked on right away. The initial focus will be to complete at least 1 inquiry unit in each of the following topics: agriculture, manufacturing, materials & structures, energy, communication, transportation, information processing, medicine & healthcare, and warfare.

How to Get Involved

Please fill out this form to become a part of or receive more information about IEEE Reach pilot programs.

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