Integrate STS in the Classroom with History

History provides an excellent way to engage students in the nature of technology, its interaction with society, and with basic concepts of design. Inquiry learning empowers students to ask important questions and do deep research that matters to them. It models the engineering design process! Few STEM teachers would reject the opportunity to infuse the history of technology, or Science, Technology and Society (STS), into their daily lessons, but who has the time? If only there were FREE resources that infused the history of technology and engineering into inquiry-based lessons for STEM teachers.

IEEE REACH creates free units of study, following the Inquiry Design Model, that engage your students in an exploration of the interaction of technology and society through the lens of history. Our units span the spectrum of historical innovations from Athenian triremes to military drones, all while honing critical thinking skills, problem solving, persuasive writing skills, and basic design thinking. Every unit is the product of professional research by historians of engineering and technology, adapted for high school students by experienced educators – and everything we offer is free to teachers and their students!

Technology is an integral part of learning. It didn’t start with STEM – it’s been there all along. No matter your level of historical understanding, you can bring the stories of technology and engineering into your STEM classes with IEEE REACH. Registration is easy, fast, and everything is FREE! Create an account today, and bring technology, society, and history together in your classroom – just like it is in real life!

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Photo of Thomas Edison and Charles Steinmetz
(Courtesy of The General Electric Company)

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